Since participation in this orchestra is a special honor, those students accepted should follow the expectations listed below.

  1. Attendance is mandatory. Absences will only be excused for illness, death in the family or court appearance. This is the Howard County policy for excused absences. Each student must be present for the entire rehearsal time. If students arrive late or leave early, the entire group suffers. The purpose of full rehearsals is to develop a particular sound through balance and blend. If a student is absent from a rehearsal a parent email to the directors is expected explaining the absence prior to the start of rehearsal. If a student is 15 minutes late for rehearsal, he/she will be marked “tardy.” Two tardies in a semester will result in one unexcused absence. A student’s membership will be reviewed after two unexcused absences, excessive excused absences, excessive tardiness or excessive early dismissals.

  2. Attendance at the dress rehearsal for each concert is mandatory. If a student is not present for the dress rehearsal, he/she may not participate in the concert.

  3. Preparing the music is mandatory. Students are expected to practice at home in preparation for rehearsals.

  4. Cooperation among students is a must in any performing group. Students who do not cooperate (fighting, name calling, etc.) will be dismissed from the orchestra.

  5. Parents will be asked to help set up chairs before and take down chairs after rehearsals.

  6. Each student will be given a packet of music and a folder at the first rehearsal. Students must bring a pencil to mark things on their music. Make certain that the student’s name is on the instrument case. Cellos must have rock stops.

  7. Dress for performance is as follows:



White Dress Shirt

Black Pants

Dress Shoes

Dress for Performance



White Blouse

Long Black Skirt or Pants

Dress Shoes

The directors reserve the right to dismiss any student for not following the expectations listed above without a refund of the yearly fee.